Justin Bieber shaves off his moustache

08 Oct 2014 13:48

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The 20-year-old singer - who had also been sporting lip hair and an attempted goatee in recent months - took to Twitter today to show off his clean-shaven makeover to his 55.4 million followers.
Along with a photo of his new baby-faced look, he posted: 'Shaved the monster'.
Along with his facial hair, it seems the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker is also trying to clean-up his act after recently admitting plans to ditch the booze and get his music career back on track.
A source said: 'Justin has been boasting to his friends about his new healthy lifestyle.'
'He no longer drinks and has stopped eating junk food, too. He's had a difficult few months and is hoping that this will give him a fresh start.'
The star is also reported to have started seeing £600-an-hour therapist, John Kenton, at a clinic in Los Angeles to help him keep his impulsive behaviour in check following multiple run-ins with the law earlier this year.
A source said: 'Kenyon's treating Justin in person, when possible, then over Skype when he's away. Sometimes they even have more than one session a day.
'It's too soon to tell if it's having a positive effect , but the fact that Justin has kept it up and passed the first batch of sessions speaks volumes.
'If he hates something he's not normally the kind of person to stick it out.'


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