Jessica Alba looks fresh as a daisy and stylish to boot on coffee run

08 Oct 2014 13:20

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But even after her night at the star-studded bash, Jessica Alba looked refreshed as she stepped out for a solo coffee run in New York City.
The 33-year-old embarked on her relaxed Sunday stroll in a pair of slim-fitting black trousers that highlighted her slender frame.
Jessica paired the black jeans with a loose white tank top that showed off her toned arms to full effect.
A slick of glossy pink lipstick and a dusting of coral blush highlighted the Sin City star's sunkissed complexion.
She tied a grey Cynthia Vincent cardigan around her trim waist and polished off the bohemian-inspired look with a black felt hat and matching ankle boots.
Jessica had a smile on her face as she strolled through the streets with her phone in hand, her earphones in as she listened to some tunes.
At one point during her wander, the businesswoman appeared to be having a cheerful conversation with a friend, lifting the phone up in the air as she video chatted on FaceTime.
Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Jessica took to Instagram to share a snap of her mingling with chart-topper Gwen and Hugh Evans - the CEO of The Global Poverty Project.
'We r @glblctzn yo! #globalcitizenfestival @nodoubt @gwenstefani #honestcitizen @honest,' Jessica captioned the snap.
The ever-busy starlet currently has four films slated for a 2014 release, and the actress spoke to Fortune about dividing her time between her family, acting and The Honest Co.
'It's an imperfect balance and I am not sure if I do it very well. I spend most of my time at the office, but my kids' health and wellbeing is my priority. I talk to my [business] partners about my responsibility with my children.
'I have worked around board meetings and conferences. With email, I am still involved in the process of design and it is easy to share files with Dropbox. I can still work on product development that way.'


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