Rock star Johnny! Depp fears his music could be leaked

08 Oct 2014 12:20

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Actor Johnny Depp has secretly been recording material on his phone for his debut solo rock album.
But since Johnny's fiancée Amber Heard, 28, became a victim of the phone hacking scandal, he's concerned his tunes could get leaked too.
A Hollywood source told us: "Johnny is worried his new music may get into the wrong hands before he has a chance to finish it."
It was Johnny's rock star pal Ryan Adams who confirmed to Off The Record that the screen legend was working on the music.

"Johnny probably has 20 or 30 great riffs stored in his phone right now"
Ryan Adams
The 39-year-old revealed: "Johnny probably has 20 or 30 great riffs stored in his phone right now.
"I don't know if he's got enough actual tunes to make an album, but he's definitely got the talent."
And the 51-year-old recently helped Adams out on his latest Top 10 album.
"There's a song called Kim that needed a guitar solo to explode on, and I knew Johnny's playing would be perfect," recalled Ryan.
"He went in and successfully played it in just one take. He just got it, perfectly."
Our source continued: "Johnny's looking at getting some musicians together for some dates in 2015. He's committed to another Pirates movie in 2016 so he wants to do it before then.
"What other actor do you know who has jammed with Paul McCartney and Keith Richards?"


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