Britney Spears Slurps On A Frappuccino After Hitting The Gym - X17 Online

08 Oct 2014 09:49

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Britney Spears looooves her Starbucks!
On Tuesday the 32-year-old pop star hit the gym and went on a coffee run, and after taking a few sips of her frappuccino, she perked right up and took a phone call. Brit kicked off the fifth leg of her Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas last Friday, and though she has 11 more shows this month, she still has plenty of time to jet back and forth to her home in Los Angeles. After four shows in November, Britney is off for over 6 weeks, so she'll have plenty of time to spend with her boys over the holidays.
But speaking of boys, we're wondering who the single starlet might be seen with next! Ex-boyfriend David Lucado was busted cheating on Brit back in August, so it seems like she's had enough time to get over him and move on to a new man. Think he'll be famous or another average Joe?


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