Mickey Rourke, 61, displays his muscular frame in tiny T-shirt

08 Oct 2014 07:49

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While leaving Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills on Saturday, the 61-year-old star wore a black V-neck T-shirt that looked like it was two sizes too small. The top was so petite, it even managed to show off his chest tattoos and a bit of his stomach.
The Barfly actor, who appears to be in excellent shape, added a flannel shirt over his shoulders for a casual hipster look.
Mickey wore his grey locks messy in a BoHo meets Beverly Hills chic way.
White-framed sunglasses added an edge as did a carefully groomed goatee.
Proving he's no starving artists, the 9 1/2 Weeks star carried on his shoulder a sleek black Gucci man purse with a red-and-green striped strap.
He joked with fans as he left the longtime 90210 establishment and seemed to be in good spirits.
One man, dressed in a red CAIRO T-shirt, put his arm around the former theater star.
Also at the venue was a cigar-smoking Arnold Schwarzenegger, though the two actors were not spotted together.
Rourke catapulted to fame thanks to eighties films Barfly and Angel Heart but left acting and became a professional boxer in the early nineties.
The Sin City franchise is one of the key movies that has re-booted Mickey's career, with other projects still in the pipeline.
The New York native has recently been filming Ashby with Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman, Nat Wolff and Kevin Dunn.
The drama is about a high-school student named Ed Wallis (played by Nat) becomes friends with his neighbor, Ashby Holt (played by Mickey), a retired CIA assassin.
Ashby has only a few months to live.
Rourke has also made Skin Traffik with Eric Roberts, Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen. That thriller is about a jaded hit man.


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