Daniel Radcliffe: I'm sexier than Harry Potter

08 Oct 2014 06:19

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Brampton Guardian
Daniel Radcliffe insists he's "sexier" than Harry Potter.
The 25-year-old actor - who shot to fame playing the boy wizard in the movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling's novels - doesn't understand why people were "surprised" when he was cast as the romantic lead in 'What If?' because there's a lot more to him than his magic alter-ego.
He told Marie Claire magazine: "Can you tell me why people are surprised?
"You saw me growing up like a f*ing boy in a school robe. Of course there's a sexier side to me than that."
Daniel is dating his 'Kill Your Darlings' co-star Erin Darke and admits he likes to plan romantic gestures - though he sometimes ruins the element of surprise.
He said: "I was going to fly to New York to surprise her once, but then I kind of ruined my own surprise the night before because I was on the phone to her and she'd had a terrible day and was in a bad mood and I wanted to make it all go away.
"I just went, 'Guess what? I'm going to be there tomorrow, we're going to see each other' "
The 'Horns' star is wary of who he allows to get close to him and isn't afraid to stand up for himself.
He said: "I have a finely tuned bulls
t censor for when people are around for the wrong reason.
"I am polite but I also don't take st. I've been brought up to stand up for myself. If someone is being a dk, then it's easy for me to call that out."


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