'Fast and Furious 7' Cast News: Michelle Rodriguez Girlfriend Cara Delevingne Instagram True Love Tattoo [PHOTO UPDATE]

08 Oct 2014 04:23

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There is no doubt that English supermodel Cara Delevingne is the freest of free spirits to hit the runway in quite some time. Despite being linked to every super sexy celebrity from One Direction's Harry Styles to Suki Waterhouse, Cara recently shared that she had the name of her one true love tattooed on her body, and apparently it isn't some version of Fast and Furious 7 topless nude Instagram girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez' handleit's bacon! Her Face of an Angel cast mate, Kate Beckinsale, recently broke the news that Delevingne is more than just certifiably insane; according to the Underworld sex-symbol, Cara's acting chops really impressed her while filming the new Amanda Knox movie together.
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The world may still not yet know if Cara Delevingne is in fact dating girlfriend Fast and Furious 7's Michelle Rodriguez once again, after Rodriguez very public tryst with Zac Efron reportedly ended last month, but all one has to do take a peek at her latest tattoo on Instagram to know that regardless of what's going on her personal life
Cara always has swine on her mind.
"It happened… BACON…"
Recently, Cara has been keeping her sow obsession anything but secret, even going so far as taking a poll of her fans weeks earlier to decide if she should get inked with "bacon or cheese".
Cara recent Face of an Angel costar, Kate Beckinsale, swore up and down to the that Cara was a lot more than just a very beautiful nutter—she's a very talented nutter as well:
"I love Cara. She's an absolute character and really serious about acting.
"She's incredibly humble, funny and silly…Completely insane.
"Absolutely my type of girl!"
Delevingne admitted to the Evening Standard that when she started acting like she knew what she was doing on set, she even sort of surprised herself:
"I went in so terrified and nervous but…I found out that I could act, that I could do it confidently and not be nervous and die because usually I think I'm going to die doing things that scare me!"
Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of Delevingne doing more than just making a fool of herself in the future.


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