Justin Theroux admits there's "pressure" for him the marry Jennifer Aniston

08 Oct 2014 02:51

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Anyone who has been sucked into the wonderfully weird world that is The Leftovers will undoubtedly be feeling some raging lust for the show's star Justin Theroux. The actor plays chief of police Kevin Garvey and is very pleasing to look at. Unfortunately for us all Friends star and all-round excellent babe Jennifer Aniston has already bagged Justin as her own after the pair got engaged in 2012. We want to *BOO* but we just can't bring ourselves to do it. Jen An is too great.
"We're just doing our own thing."
The big problemo with getting engaged, aside from the world and its uncle asking you to recount the soppy story a billion times, is that people expect a wedding shortly after. And if people don't get that wedding, they get WANGRY. That's wedding-angry, btw. Poor old Justin is feeling some of that wanger…
Double hotness at this year's Oscars

Speaking to Australia's TV Week mag the dark-haired hunk said, "There is this hum of pressure that - I can't stress enough - I just don't pay attention to. But I am not going to let a tabloid tell me what to do… I'm not going to watch them tap their watch. What the hell are you telling me to do? We're just doing our own thing. We are completely happy, obviously, but we're not on anyone else's timeline."
LOL-ing up a storm at the premiere of The Leftovers

Yikes. We've seen Justin (shirtless, *swoon*) and VERY angry on The Leftovers so, don't worry; we'll be keeping our watches well hidden and tap-free, J&J.
That said, wereallywanttoseeJen'samazingweddingdresspleeeaassee.
No watches were tapped during the writing of this post.


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