Miley Cyrus Naked: Bangerz Tour Butt Lover Post Instagram Bathtub Selfies After Nicki Minaj Prank

07 Oct 2014 18:19

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(Photo : Twitter) Bangerz tour 2014 performer, Miley Cyrus posted several bathtub selfies to her Instagram account after pranking Nicki Minaj and openin up about ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth.
Unsurprisingly, Miley Cyrus has posted more revealing selfies of herself to Instagram!
The Bangerz tour performer, who just opened up about her feelings for ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, didn't mind letting her followers in on her newest bathtub adventures via the social media site. Do you think Cyrus follows the philosophy: "another day, another naked selfie?"
With uploading the racy snapshots, the 21-year-old performer did cover up her nipples using a disco ball graphic at least, reported the Daily Mail.
The former Disney darling, who loves to prank Nicki Minaj lately, was covered in foam. While pouting in front of the camera, Cyrus seemed as if she was being playful.
In one photo, the controversial songstress blew the foam from her hands in what was a relaxed moment and downtime from her energetic, talked-about tour. Apparently, Cyrus likes to take a bath to relax these days, huh?
When she is taking a soak, the "Wrecking Ball" singer takes to the stage while shocking her fans. During a performance at Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday, Cyrus made jaws drop once again!
She kept the party going while slapping one of her dancer's bottom like a drum, reported Daily Mail.
And her wardrobe was equally shocking! In usual Cyrus' fashion, she rocked a revealing ensemble: an orange cut-out leotard.
The singer paired the racy bodysuit with a matching furry jacket and giant shades. And while joined by her back up dancers including the infamous Amazon Ashley, the singer bounced around the stage while performing her hit songs.
Thoughts on what Cyrus will do to shock and amaze us the next time? Ever think that the former "Hannah Montana" starlet will slow down sometime soon?
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