Nicki Minaj's Head May Be Too Far Up Her A** To Understand Your Hate

07 Oct 2014 12:49

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"Anaconda" sucks. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. But nobody cares what a hack writer from Nowheresville, USA has to say about anything. However, when you're a popular radio personality with a syndicated morning show, a TV show and a Black Twitter following, well then it's a problem.
Charlamagne Tha God is airing out Nicki Minaj for trying to mess with his money after getting butthurt over comments he made about "Anaconda" and frenemy Iggy Azalea.
During his Brilliant Idiots podcast, C Tha God, who appeared on Nicki's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, revealed that he and Nicki aren't cool anymore because he called "Anaconda" corny. He also said that Iggy Azalea should've won Best Hip Hop Female Artist at The BET Awards because she had the better year. The comments allegedly got Nicki so pressed that Ms. Petty LaBelle called up Charlamagne's bosses and told them she was never appearing on The Breakfast Club again.

"I got mad love for Nicki Minaj even though she ain't f*ckin' with me right now. She unfollowed me on Twitter and she's made calls to people in radio, people that I worked for, and said she's never coming on the Breakfast Club again.
"I know she got upset when I said I thought "Anaconda" was corny. My exact synopsis on "Anaconda" when it first came out was, 'I'm not feeling this record. It's not for me. It's for girls. It's for kids. It's for people that like to shake they ass.' I said when the video comes out I'll probably appreciate the song more. But I said this song is going to work. I just think it's corny. That's what I said!
"Then when the BET awards came around, I said, 'I think Iggy Azalea should have won 'Best Female Hip Hop Artist' at the BET awards because she's had a better year than Nicki Minaj thus far.' I still feel that way.
"Now, I also said during that time period, 'Nicki Minaj is the king of New York.' Because when I saw her perform at 'Summer Jam', I'm like, 'Yo, she really owned that muthaf*cking stage.' She had the record, she had the "Lookin A**," she had the "Yasss Bish" and the freestyle with "Chiraq." She was really dominating it. So if being the 'King of New York' still means something, she was the king of New York. so therefore I'm an objective fan."

It's cute Onika thinks she has the same juice Jay Z has. Jay reportedly had Charlamagne fired from his Philly radio gig in 2009 after that Beanie Sigel interview where Beans slammed his former boss. But that's Jay though. The only power Nicki holds is with hoodrats. So I don't think she can get anyone fired from anywhere unless they work at Rainbow or Citi Trends.


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