Leighton Meester is Marvelous on InStyle UK November 2014 Cover

07 Oct 2014 10:18

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She has a new album and a new movie coming out this fall, and Leighton Meester is poised to take her career to the next level.
The "Judge" star is featured on the front of InStyle UK's November 2014 issue, teaming with photographer Max Abadian of Atelier Management for a drool-worthy photo spread.
In her interview, Leighton shares that she's all about singing these days- "My favorite thing - at least as far as the music goes, and now, actually, with acting, too - is performing live. It's so fun."
And even though her 2009 duet with Robin Thicke on a song called "Somebody to Love" didn't blow up, Ms. Meester still values the experience. "It was fun, but it wasn't at all me. I guess I can look back and say everything happens because you learn from it and you're better for it."
Leighton also knows the importance of taking time off from the daily grind- "My values have shifted greatly in terms of what I find important. It's my family, my friends and having a personal life. Those are the things that need nurturing."
Photo Credit: InStyle/Max Abadian


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