Instagram Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce: Dating Heidi Klum; Split Net Worth? [PHOTO UPDATE]

07 Oct 2014 09:18

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It couldn't be more apparent that America's Got Talent host, Nick Cannon, is moving on with his life after announcing that he and his Instagram lingerie feet model wife, Mariah Carey, had split just a few months ago. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Wild N Out rapper isn't waiting for his divorce to the "Butterfly" singer to be finalized to start forgetting about her. Word has it Cannon has already had the tattoo of his wife's name completely covered up with new ink. Plus, Nick was even spotted headed home with none other than Project Runway supermodel Heidi Klum following his blowout birthday bashwhich also counted Amber Rose among its attendeesleading some to wonder if they may be dating. Sadly, Mariah isn't said to being handling the uncoupling quite as well as her much younger man. Sources say that with Mariah left all alone, now, all she has left is her dwindling net worth and growing alcohol dependence to keep her company.
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For years, Nick Cannon has been regaling friends like Howard Stern with the crazy tales of the insane hoops that Mariah Carey has made him jump though over the years, but he will be her play thing no more.
At a birthday party celebrating his 34 th birthday six days early, Mr. Cannon revealed that he had already taken the pains of removing Mariah's name permanently from his back (via ):
"The 33-year-old star revealed he has had the name of his estranged partner— which covered most of his back— tattooed over with an even larger piece of ink on Thursday night in Hollywood."
Now that Nick is back on the market, he already has the attention of some of the hottest single ladies in the entertainment business today reports the Mail:
"He also had some very pretty ladies watching him from the crowd, namely the recently single Amber Rose and his America's Got Talent co-star Heidi Klum."
"Heidi was even seen leaving with the almost birthday boy, with his entourage surrounding the model as they headed to their cars."
A supposed friend, who seeming talked to several tabloid this week, explained in OK! Magazine's October 13, issue that Mariah wasn't finding it as easy to bounce back from the breakup as Nick apparently was:
"[Mariah]'s constantly drinking
"Mariah is extremely volatile emotionally and needs supervision at all times…she's completely exhausted and unable to cope with the kids for any long period of time.
"The time I spent with her was complete chaos."
Let's hope that Mariah Carey finds every bit the happiness that seems to follow Nick Cannon wherever he goes…or hope that at the very least they both wind up just as miserable.


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