Amanda Seyfried and Mark Wahlberg wear plaid while filming Ted 2

07 Oct 2014 08:16

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They've been spending tons of time together while filming the sequel to the comedy Ted, and now Amanda Seyfried and Mark Wahlberg are beginning to dress alike.
While filming a scene in the bustling Times Square section of Manhattan Saturday, the 28-year-old blonde and her 43-year-old co-star wore similar lumberjack looks.
Beautiful Amanda conceal her figure in a three-quarter length baggy plaid jacket from Rag & Bone that she paired with black leggings and high-top trainers.
While fans of the original Ted movie have been saddened to learn that Mila Kunis will not be returning for the sequel, Amanda is proving to be a stunning replacement.
Despite her baggy jacket, the Mean Girls star was still glamorous with her long blonde hair cascading along her shoulders in a glamorous blow-out.
Wahlberg also wore a thick plaid shirt for their city scenes, which included a scene with the two driving in a car - Amanda at the wheel.
The two had been filming in Massachusetts before travelling to the Big Apple.
Since Amanda - who dates actor Justin Long - lives in Manhattan, she was able to get a set visit from her best pooch friend, Finn.
Specifics of Amanda's role have so far been kept closely under wraps. She is not, however, playing Lori Collins, the character Mila portrayed in the original 2012 film.
Seth MacFarlane is apparently so desperate to keep the film's plot a secret that prior to filming, he hadn't even told his lead actors what they'd be doing in the highly-anticipated sequel.
But from the look of things on set, Amanda and Mark - who is reprising his role as John Bennett, the owner of the foul-mouth teddy bear that comes to life, are portraying a couple.
'I don't know what my character is like,' Amanda told the Press Association just two months before filming began. 'I literally don't know.
'But I still said yes to Seth because I trust him. How could anybody say no to him? But yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing. It's so weird.'
The first Ted film became a surprise hit in 2012, earning just under $550m worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.


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