Amanda Bynes Flaunts Her Drug Use On Instagram With THIS Picture!

07 Oct 2014 07:20

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Oh no, gurl. This is NOT a good sign!
Amanda Bynes has been acting pretty erratically in the time since she'd been arrested for another DUI.
She's been seen wandering about with a band-aid on her face, she was walking around Cartier in sweatpants, and then she was spotted out and about with a gigantic ring on her finger.
Not to mention the time when she was spotted riding her bike into traffic in New York City!
[ Related: Amanda Bynes Got EXPELLED From Fashion School?! ]Well, the actress took to her Instagram this morning to post a picture of herself holding a joint!
AKA she's flaunting her drug use for the world to see!?!
Not good, not good AT ALL! But, she posted the picture with an even WEIRDER caption!
She said:
What does that even mean????
All this behavior does not bode well for the 'new' Amanda AKA the one that everyone thought had recovered!
We REALLY hope she's okay!
There's nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it, gurl!
[ Image via Amanda Bynes' Instagram/PacificCoastNews.]
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