Watch an Edge of Tomorrow Supercut Featuring Tom Cruise Dying Over and Over Again

07 Oct 2014 03:52

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There's been some recent chatter about how Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise's sci-fi take on Groundhog Day, has been rebranded after a disappointing summer box office. Both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases have the movie's title scrunched on the lower margin of the cover and the "Live. Die. Repeat." tagline splayed across the rest. There's some sense to the change: It's a pretty vanilla title, and the tagline better conveys the premise. To further drive the point home, the folks behind the film have released a supercut of every single time in the movie that Cruise dies, comes alive, and dies again.
Whether or not you've seen the film-which, by the way, is actually quite entertaining -watching Emily Blunt repeatedly shoot an irritated Cruise is pretty amusing. Enjoy.


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