Demi Moore, 51, reveals greying locks as she steps out in New York

07 Oct 2014 02:19

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And being a master at maintaining a youthful image, the 51-year-old seems to not be too concerned with letting herself go a bit grey.
On Friday, Demi was spotted out and about in New York sporting a few stray silver locks as she ran errands.
Since the beginning of 2014 the star has been seen with greying locks, and appears to have no future plans of dying her hair back to black.
Wearing loose trousers, an earth toned top and a green fuzzy cardigan, the Eighties icon looked to be in a casual mood.
Carrying a warm jacket in one hand and a leather bag in the other, Demi hid her highly recognisable face behind a set of aviator sunglasses.
A hint of grey could be seen in the mother-of-three's long dark tresses, proving that she is in fact human in spite of her otherwise impeccable ability to maintain her ageless look.
Perhaps another way the actress stays connected to her youth is by dating much younger men.
Demi - who was previously married to Bruce Willis and then Ashton Kutcher - was most recently romantically linked to 27-year-old Dead Sara musician Sean Friday.
She was first spotted frolicking with the heavily tattooed drummer as they soaked up the sun on a New Year's break in Mexico in January.
But the dazzling brunette must have known Sean for some time as she and her daughter Rumer Willis were seen watching his band play in Los Angeles back in May of 2013.
Meanwhile, Ashton's fiancée Mila Kunis has been showing off a fuller frame as she is pregnant with the Two And A Half Men star's first baby.


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