Michelle Rodriguez sports 'sex, drugs & rap' sweater

07 Oct 2014 01:50

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But rather than shy away from the rock and roll lifestyle, Michelle Rodriguez was seen proudly displaying a sweater emblazoned with the words: 'Sex, drugs & rap'.
The 36-year-old - who romanced fellow rehab attendee Zac Efron earlier this summer - shared some Instagram snaps with fans as she reminisced about partying at Burning Man festival.
The actress, who attended the dusty arts event earlier this month captioned the eyebrow-raising pic: 'Detox mode F.O.M.O. Missin that playa'
Wearing mucky leggings, biker boots and a cropped leather biker jacket to match, the Girl Fight star waved a checked scarf in the air - the essential piece of Burning Man kit to protect off the dusty air.
Seemingly on a health kick since her week of revelry with pals at Black Rock City, Nevada, the feisty brunette shared several images.


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