Daniel Radcliffe passionately embraces NAKED model in racy teaser picture for new film Horns

06 Oct 2014 21:51

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The Harry Potter star has come a long way from those magic days in Hogwarts, and we had to look twice to assure ourselves this was him


Woah Dan!
We might know Daniel Radcliffe best as the slightly geeky and magic-mad wizard Harry Potter, but he's dropped that image once and for all in his new film Horns.
The actor, 25, has been snapped in a teaser for his new film passionately embracing a naked model - and he looks just as naked himself.
Bending down to kiss just below her boob, the actor is seen clutching on to her as she throws her head back - and, well you get the idea.
An insider has revealed: "Daniel is definitely all grown up in this role…The horror film is based on a best-selling book by Joe Hill who is the son of legendary author Stephen King.
"Daniel plays Ignatius Ig Parrish while Juno appears as his girlfriend Merrin Williams…But their happiness is short-lived when she is brutally murdered and Ig becomes the prime suspect."
Yes, the very same
So yes, a world away from wands and broomsticks then.
Radcliffe will wake up in the film to discover horns growing from his forehead and the ability to compel people to reveal their deepest secrets
He uses his power to track down the real killer.
But taking on a hard character hasn't changed him out of work, because Daniel recently revealed a softer streak when he remembered to pay back a two-year-old taxi fare.

  • Horns will be released in the UK on October 29


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