Watch Lady Gaga transform into glamourpuss and flaunt naked bum in thong in BTS show video

06 Oct 2014 16:20

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The singer gives us an insight into her diva lifestyle as she takes us on a short trip round backstage - and things still turn extremely raunchy
Ever wondered what a day in the life of Lady Gaga looks like? Look no further than THIS.
The controversial singer has given us a view of her show through her own eyes, as she records some of her routines and practices backstage - with a bit of added nakedness of course.
The star posted the behind-the-scenes video today, entitled 'GAGAVISION No.46', and if you'd asked us what the star's like backstage - it would probably have looked something like this.
From riding up a transparent lift in her green wig and leather hotpants, to walking into her dressing room in a tiny sequinned bra and dancing on stage in a barely-there thong, there's not a whole lot left to the imagination.
And Lady G can't resist giving her bum a cheeky wiggle in the ridiculous outfit, as she prepares to take to the stage.

Youtube / Lady Gaga

It comes as packs of fans greeted the singer in Prague this week, with Lady Gaga dressed in her usual bizarre fashion.
For many it was the first time to check out the Fame Monster's newest jewellery which came in the form of a septum piercing.
As she made her way through the European city the chart-topper clung to her dog Asia who was permitted to accompany her on the trip.
Back in August the two spent three weeks apart after officials in Asia ruled that the pooch couldn't travel with its owner while she toured.
Barking mad.


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