Nicki Minaj's new venture is sweet and fizzy

06 Oct 2014 14:19

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The bottle: Myx Fusions Moscato, $2.50-$3.99 per bottle (depending on size), $8.99 per four-pack
The back story: We all know Nicki Minaj, the pop star. And Nicki Minaj, the fashion icon ( or disaster). But what about Nicki Minaj, the wine entrepreneur? The latter is not as far-fetched as it may sound: In 2013, the best-selling artist launched her Myx line of moscato in celebration of her favorite sip. And it's proven to be a hit as well, with monthly sales growing by 500% since the start of this year, according to brand representatives. Building on that track record, the brand recently added a new flavor (mango) to complement its initial three (coconut, peach and original).
But for all the brand's popularity, the Myx folks admit that part of their success stems from the growth in moscato itself. The Italian wine is known for being sweet and slightly fizzy and it's found its place with a young market of drinkers that's seeking a more approachable sip than, say, craft beer or dry red wine. Indeed, moscato wines raked in $625 million in sales in 2013, making them the third most popular style of vino, according to one report. (Heck, moscato even beat out sauvignon blanc.)
Minaj's twist on moscato? Her line combines the wine with fruit juices and other flavorings (even the original is not a pure moscato - it has grape juice in it). Then, there's the packaging in sleek, blue cobalt bottles. In all, says Mona Scott-Young, a music biz veteran who partnered with Minaj on Myx, it's "a brand new way to drink moscato" that "speaks to the lifestyle of the millennial" generation.
Weekend Sip: Pop star Nicki Minaj's other label
We all know Nicki Minaj, the pop star. But what about Nicki Minaj, the wine entrepreneur? The latter is not as far-fetched as it may sound. We''ll sip Myx Fusions Moscato.
What we think about: Myx may bill itself as a moscato, but it's really more a drink that belongs in the category called " alcopop " - as in alcoholic drinks that taste a lot like soda. (Think wine coolers.) And such drinks are just not our thing. With Myx, the fruity sweetness obscures just about everything else - the bottle, the memory of every Nicki Minaj song we've heard and, most certainly, the moscato itself. Perhaps Myx might appeal to a younger set, but it certainly didn't appeal to the small sampling of millennials (okay, two) we had try it. One aptly described it as a "slightly alcoholic, carbonated version of what goes in a juice box."
How to enjoy it: If this is your thing - and we actually found an older drinker who appreciated the sweet taste - we say enjoy it in whatever way suits you best. (Perhaps you can sip it while wearing your Sunday finest and striking a Minaj-worthy pose.) Oh, and if you're looking for some more Minaj, her new album arrives in late November.


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