Thriller 'Lazarus' Stars Olivia Wilde

06 Oct 2014 05:54

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Olivia Wilde stars in the upcoming thriller Lazarus, which as the title implies, centers on someone coming back from the dead. In the film, a research student is accidentally killed while she and her team are mapping the human brain. Amazingly, the team is able to reanimate the student and bring her back to life, but in the process, they unintentionally unlock a deadly force that puts their own lives in danger. In addition to protecting themselves, her team must contain the young woman in the lab to prevent her from being unleashed in a world unprepared for her.
Sharing the screen with Wilde is The Mindy Project's Mark Duplass, last seen on the big screen in the hit film Tammy. The cast also features Evan Peters ( X-Men Days of Future Past), Sarah Bolger of TV's Once Upon a Time, and Donald Glover ( Community).
The movie was directed by David Gelb, who is best known for the culinary documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The screenplay was written by Luke Dawson ( Shutter) and Fantastic Four scribe Jeremy Slater.
Lazarus will open in theaters nationwide Jan. 30, 2015.


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