Make-up free Kesha ditches the glamour as she cycles barefoot

06 Oct 2014 05:51

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But Kesha was a bohemian beach beauty as she cycled barefoot on Saturday.
The 27-year-old went without make-up as she enjoyed a bike ride with boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter in Santa Monica, CA.
Also accompanied by a male friend, they were seen chatting happily on the sand after having taken a dip in the water.
Kesha towelled off her wet hair and then draped the cloth over her shoulders as they headed off.
The Timber hitmaker kept warm in a neon pink jacket and grey sweatpants.
Brad sported just a pair of swimming trunks, before throwing on a grey T-shirt as they hopped on their bicycles.
Kesha is frequently seen frolicking at the beach in West Los Angeles, having recently purchased a home in Venice Beach - adjacent to Santa Monica.
According to the LA Times, she snapped up a quintessential Californian bungalow for $1.6 million.
Staying true to her artsy nature, the star shunned a mega mansion in favour of the single storey three bedroom, two bathroom home.
While Venice is far from the most affordable area in town, the hitmaker did manage to score herself a bit of a bargain, getting the home for $149,000 less than the original asking price when it was listed in February by Partners Trust.
At just over 1,400-square-feet, the white home with traditional clay tile roof is small by celebrity standards, but the house gives the star plenty of areas to both relax and practice her craft.
It appears the Rising Star mentor has already moved into her new abode.


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