Jessica Alba's beauty and confidence boosting tips

05 Oct 2014 20:53

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If you want to boost your confidence, Jessica Alba recommends practicing a good skin regime, honesty and hip hop dancing
BY Katy Young | 03 October 2014
As Jessica Alba, along with Braun for whom she is the new ambassador, call upon women to "help each other break free from self-doubt" for the #Breakfreecampaign, we thought we'd call upon the Hollywood actress for some confidence boosting tips of our own. Ww wanted to know: what makes her feel beautiful and brave?
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For 32-year-old actress Alba, "looking good is feeling good." Handing over tips handed down from her mother, Alba explains that for her, "beauty reflects inner strength and your best self, whether you have make-up and hair done or not. I take 10 minutes (true story!) of my morning make-up routine to check in and remind myself that I've got this - whatever 'this' is."
So what of that 10 minute beauty regime? Alba focusses on her honey-skin, "it's my number one beauty priority. I truly believe that having glowing skin can help you wear so many different looks; it also gives me an extra confidence booster going about my day to day if I know my skin looks great," and that she allegedly owes to The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion, the company she owns, and the new Face Cleansing gadget from Braun, the company she fronts.
"I like to maintain a good beauty regime using the best products, with my skin being the most important. I like to keep to a routine as much as possible - so that even when my schedule is crazy there are always some elements that help me maintain looking and feeling good." And in emergencies she carries her SOS lip gloss, mascara and hairbrush, "that should be part of a girl's "go bag" for emergency touch-ups and taming," she adds.
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Her confidence boosting hair-do of choice is her "everyday tousled look." Alba reveals her hair "freaks out" sometimes, so she doesn't go crazy on products or irons, "since that's usually what got me there in the first place." Her hair weaponry includes her Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush, "but at the end of the day, my love of hats is also a lifesaver - no one can really tell whether it's about the hat or the hair underneath it!"
But she has to fess up, "it's natural to feel self-conscious about our looks, it is so widely reported on in the media it is hard not to." Plus, the answers don't really lie in your beauty kit either; "we can't just rely on the industry to boost our confidence, it definitely starts from within and by sharing positive thoughts about one another with each other," she says.
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That inner strength she speaks off also gets a boost by a couple of Alba's other beauty secrets; "I try to pamper myself once a week, be it at home or at the salon getting a manicure. The simple things make a huge difference!"
And there's that serotonin-boosting thing called exercise, which she agrees is "hugely important to me - it is the foundation of any body care routine since it relieves the stress that often shows up on your body in other ways. I make sure to mix it up with yoga, hip hop dance and running to keep me interested. Also running around after two little girls has become a permanent hobby which helps me to stay in shape: with my hectic schedule every little helps!"
Exercise, hair and beauty aside, there are three things to remember if you want to feel good on the inside and out says Alba; "be honest, not perfect, be respected for what you are, rather than be nice and lose your self-respect and be able to find one thing that you love about yourself every day." And there ain't no product that can do all of that for us.
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