Taylor Swift announces she'll be on The Voice

05 Oct 2014 16:20

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And on Friday, Taylor Swift announced that she will impart her wisdom by becoming a 'key advisor' on NBC's competitive singing series The Voice.
The 24-year-old followed up her Twitter announcement by heading out to another of her 1989 Secret Sessions events, this time in New York City.
'Way excited about being a "key advisor" on @NBCTheVoice,' wrote the Shake It Off songstress on her account, adding: 'Here are some pics of me and the coaches that I key advised.'
She then posted a collage of herself posing in a chic black dress with Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.
It must have been a well-kept secret, because the addition of Gwen and Pharrell to the show was announced months ago.
Taylor's fellow advisors Alicia Keys, Gavin Rossdale, Stevie Wonder and Little Big Town were also announced throughout the last couple of months as the show gears up to air on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays.
After her exciting announcement, the pretty blonde singer decked herself out in a glamorous sparkling little black dress to head out for the evening.
She added a pair of gold heels to her ensemble, which she had put together for a fan listening party of her upcoming album, 1989.
The album will be released on October 27, but Taylor has been treating her fans to special previews of it in various cities across the USA.
It was a leggy kind of day for the star, who also stepped out earlier in a tiny pair of black high waisted shorts to run errands.
She was a happy sight to see on both occasions, and she recently revealed that this may have something to do with the good quality girlfriends in her life.
In an interview with FASHION Magazine's Novemeber edition, Taylor, who has dated a slew of famous men including Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Harry Styles, says she's become less interested in romance now she's older.
'When I was younger, I was just fascinated by romance and now the most important thing to me is the opinions of [my] sisterhood of friends,' she told the magazine.
'Celebrities surround themselves with people who don't know what they want and only have you to validate their lives - that's not interesting to me.
'You should not be threatened by women who are pretty and charismatic and good at what they do… my girlfriends have shaped me more in the past year and a half than any other factor.'
And she thoroughly appreciates her famous girlfriends, who include Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez.
'I've never had more friends who I trust and can rely on, but there's always a bit of your self-perception that's frozen in junior high, when you trained yourself to not feel cool,' Taylor explains.


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