North West Plays With Doll Versions Of Kimye

05 Oct 2014 10:58

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Khloe Kardashian recently shared an interesting Instagram photo of some of her niece North West's toys. Those toys included very realistic doll versions of 1-year-old North's parents, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West. Cute? Maybe. Creepy? Kinda. Surprising? Nope.
The mini-Kimye creations were made by Celine's Dolls, a Brooklyn-based company that makes custom dolls. The company's Instagram account also posted the Kimye dolls, answering some of our burning questions about the products in the photo captions. Yes, doll-sized Kanye is wearing Yeezy sneakers, and no, that tiny fur vest is not real fur. And, of course, mini-Kim "has hips!"

Since @khloekardashian 's post, people have asked a few things: Mini Kanye is wearing a faux mink vest and slightly shiny distressed faux leather pants. 😎💙 And yes, Mini Kim has hips! 😍❤️
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