Reese Witherspoon's 'Raw' Sex Scenes In 'Wild' Revealed In 'Vogue'

05 Oct 2014 02:21

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The girl next door is giving her life a little bit of an edge! Reese has made a career of playing the nice girl on the big screen, but now she is stepping into more deeper and serious roles, both on and off camera. While she has graced 'Vogue' a handful of times, her October 2014 cover and interview is so revealing!
Reese Witherspoon, 38, is known for her conservative yet chic style, both on the red carpet and on the big screen - but that's all about to change. In the October 2014 issue of magazine, the Academy Award-winning actress opens up about stepping outside of her comfort zone.
Reese Witherspoon - Sex Scenes In 'Wild' Are 'Raw':
The busy mom-of-three looked flawless as ever on the cover. Up next is the release of the highly anticipated fall thriller, Gone Girl. The actress was quick to scoop up the rights to Gillian Flynn's novel and although Reese stepped behind the camera for the project, we'll get to see her like never before in Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, the gritty story of a woman whose world completely collapses after her mother dies. The role proved to be a whole new experience for the star as the flawed character does things one can't even imagine. The author of the book, Cheryl Strayed, met with Reese numerous times and talked about this book and the character. Strayed felt that Reese embodied everything that this character was even though, on the surface, it didn't seem like a role that Reese could play. Could the good girl possibly play bad? The answer is a simple yes! "I just didn't want to hear, 'Oh, we don't want to see Reese have sex…Oh, can we not have any profanity?'" the actress explained to the mag. "I wanted it to be truthful, I wanted it to be raw, I wanted it to be real."
There's nothing artificial about her, Strayed said in the interview with the magazine. "I think that's what makes her such a spectacular actress and such a relatable movie star, too. Reese is one of us. She's real people."
Reese Witherspoon's 'Vogue' Cover - Spills On 'Gone Girl':
The actress admitted that when she first acquired the rights to the film she set out to play the lead, Amy - but when director David Fincher was finally attached to the project he said that he wanted someone, "cool and unapproachable" - and Reese was the first to admit that she didn't fit the part! We think it's so cool that she graciously stepped aside and instead took on a role behind the camera. "Whatever I am, I'm not that," she revealed.
For more of an inside scoop about her upcoming films, make sure to pick up the latest issue of Vogue on newsstands Oct. 1.
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