Brad Pitt: My Kids With Angelina Jolie Make Me Feel Like "The Richest Man Alive"

04 Oct 2014 23:50

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Brad Pitt may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he says it's not his financial wealth that makes him "feel like the richest man alive."
The Counselor actor, 50, recently spoke to Psychologies magazine and dished on the great joy that his family brings him.
PHOTOS: At Home With Brad and Angelina "You learn to value the basic beauty of family, of watching your children grow and evolve," Pitt said of his kids with new wife Angelina Jolie. "It's the most beautiful thing you can experience. I feel like the richest man alive since I've become a father."
Pitt, of course, is a father six times over with Jolie, 39. The couple, who secretly married this past August, are parents to son Maddox, 13, son Pax, 10, daughter Zahara, 9, daughter Shiloh, 8, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 6.
PHOTOS: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: How Their Love Has Evolved Since 2005 "Being a father has changed me on so many levels and made me more generous and alive," Pitt continued to Psychologies ( via the Daily Mail). "I see my children as an essential part of my life, and it means so much to be able to educate them and help them make their way in the world as they grow up. I love being a father and all the responsibilities that entails."
Fatherhood is one of the many responsibilities on Pitt's plate. In addition to raising his six children, Pitt is currently filming the upcoming movie By the Sea with Jolie, and stars in the war drama Fury this month. And yet, the movie star still finds the time to put his family first.
PHOTOS: Jolie-Pitt Kids: My, How They've Grown! "I worry about them all the time," he said. "That's the emotional bond and responsibility that sweeps over you when you have a family to look after. I care about them more than I care about myself, which I think is the real definition of love. You see past yourself and become more generous and giving, and wanting only the best for your family."


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