Lil Wayne Turns 32 -- Happy Birthday To The Founder Of Young Money

04 Oct 2014 21:21

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Lil Wayne turns 32 on September 27 - wish the founder of Young Money a happy birthday! Because Nicki Minaj would probably want you to.
Lil Wayne is the rapper that President Obama uses as an example of the height of success in rap music, and who can blame him? Lil Wayne turns just 32 on September 27, and he has built a veritable empire for himself, with artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj thanking him for their success. So, let's take a look at Wayne's year!
Lil Wayne's Birthday: Young Money Founder Turns 33 - Happy Birthday
Lil Wayne is having a pretty good year - like most years. His highly anticipated Tha Carter IV is set to release October 28, and the first three singles were released to huge acclaim. The video for " Grindin," featuring Drake, was actually released a few days ago. (And it's amazing, obviously.)
Wayne received a ton of love at the BET Awards - Young Money received the award for Best Group, and nearly the entire label went up to accept the award. Nicki and Drake were also big winners that evening, and Wayne joined Chris Brown and Tyga onstage to perform smash hit " Loyal."
(Even though Drake shaded the song on his joint tour with Wayne, saying it sounds like a " car commercial." Incredible.)
The Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour is more a bromance than a battle, but in the best way. Audiences across America are loving their battles and their banter, and each night offers something new and exciting. The tour has just about wrapped - the last date is actually on Wayne's birthday, in Texas - and they're set to make a ton of money from it. After all, the tickets cost more than and Jay's On The Run Tour! I mean, we guess that Wayne and Drake are basically married, but… (Kidding! Just kidding.)
President Barack Obama Loves Lil Wayne - As Do We All
Oh, and if you didn't know what we meant about President Obama showering praise upon Wayne, allow us to clarify on this amazing factoid.
In 2008, Obama addressed the people of Powder Springs, Georgia, cautioning youth to stay in school: "You are probably not that good a rapper. Maybe you are the next Lil Wayne, but probably not, in which case you need to stay in school." Need more?
Obama echoed the statements in an NCAAP address in 2009, where he advised black parents to encourage their children to go to school. "They might think they've got a pretty jump shot or a pretty good flow, but our kids can't all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne."
Then, in 2010, Obama admitted that he's got Wayne on his iPod. Amazing.
Sure, those things happened a few years ago, but we're pretty sure that Wayne wouldn't mind being reminded every year on his birthday that the president views him as the pinnacle of success in entertainment in America (even though kids should stay in school rather than even attempt to emulate that model).
HollywoodLifers, leave some good vibes for Wayne on his birthday in the comments below!
- Amanda Mitchell More Lil Wayne News:

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