Mickey Rourke leaves shirt unbuttoned as he heads to tattoo parlour

04 Oct 2014 21:18

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Give him an unbuttoned shirt, an audience and access to some ink and he is a happy man.
The 61-year-old was in a great mood as usual as he headed to the famed Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlour in West Hollywood, California, on Tuesday.
The Nine And A Half Weeks had a spring in his step as he had hit the trifecta of his favourite things.
The muscular star made sure to have his pecks and tattoos showing as he walked into the iconic store.
As is his signature, Mickey wore a flannelette shirt unbuttoned so to expose most of his chest.
Leaving his workout gear at home for a change however, he teamed the shirt with a pair of white jeans and embroidered velvet moccasin slippers.
Keeping his silver locks back with his sunglasses, the tanned tract made a beeline to the parlour, which has tattooed the who's who of Hollywood.
The Wrestler actor appeared to be considering getting some more ink on his already heavily tattooed arms, showing two men outside the shop some potential space.
Mickey is quite the regular at the West Hollywood tattooist having got a number of arm tattoos there earlier this year.
In his collection, the star has a large tribal tattoo over his arm and left peck, a fleur-de-lis on his chest, an owl, swallows, a cattle skull and flames, among others.
The star has some time on his hands to get inked again having just wrapped film Ashby with Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman, Nat Wolff and Kevin Dunn.
The comedy-drama is about a high-school student named Ed Wallis (played by Nat) becomes friends with his neighbour, Ashby Holt (played by Mickey), a retired CIA assassin, who has only a few months to live.
The film is currently in post-production and is scheduled to be released next year.


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