Divorce Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Support Daughter Tallulah After Scout Topless Nude Twitter Pic? [PHOTO UPDATE]

04 Oct 2014 06:53

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Word has it that daughter of Hollywood legends Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis, is finally out of rehab following a stay for alcohol and drug abuse. And according to the latest gossip news updates, her famous mother, is hell bound and determined to support her little girl through this difficult time even if she has been a little preoccupied with her divorce to Ashton Kutcher in the past. From the looks of the topless nude pic of Tallulah and he Free the Nipple sister, Scout, posted to Twitter the other day, it appears that everything is already just about back to normal.
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By all accounts Tallulah Willis is out of rehab and doing better than ever following a short stint to get over her growing problems with drugs and alcohol.
A source claiming to have inside information told that now that she was back out on the streets again, Tallulah was ready to play it a bit straighter than she did last time:
"She's got a clear head and will start outpatient work…She knows there's no quick fix, but she really wants to move on.
"[In the past] her clique has included some bad seeds and she knows she can't continue to be friends with people that do drugs."
Tallulah certainly didn't look much worse for the wear in the recent nude photo with her sister, Scout, that she threw up on Twitter last night:
"Finally reunited with my woman crush weds /best friend/sister…@Scout_Willis."
According to a supposed friend of the family that spoke to OK! Magazine for their September 29, issue, Demi has absolutely dedicated herself to being there for Tallulah in the way she hasn't been over the past few years:
"Demi has made Tallulah's health her top priority.
"Demi's been the shoulder to cry on that Tallulah has needed so badly.
"The support her mom has given her is everything she needed."
It seems like everyone could have probably saved a lot of time and money, if Demi and Bruce had tried being there for Tallulah before things got so bad she needed to go to rehab.


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