Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Miranda Kerr: Their Tense Forced Photos At Paris Fashion Week

04 Oct 2014 04:52

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Talk about uncomfortable! Miranda Kerr, who allegedly inspired the brawl between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in July 2014, posed for an awkward photo with Selena Gomez on Sept. 30, at Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book party in Paris.
This has got to be awkward for Justin Bieber, 20! The "Boyfriend" singer was at a party on Sept. 30, for Paris Fashion Week where Selena Gomez, 22, and Miranda Kerr, 31, were both present and actually posed together! A new reports claims that Justin was, "acting very strange and was trying to keep his distance from both women."
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Paris Fashion Week - Take Awkward Photo With Miranda Kerr
It's no secret that these three have quite a history! A source told , "There was a lot of tension in the room because both Miranda and Selena were there. Bieber was also acting very strange and was trying to keep his distance from both women."
The source revealed that Justin was not the only one who was uncomfortable. "Miranda and Selena were asked to pose together by photographers, and they were weird about it, but they awkwardly agreed to do it."
This was not the first time that Selena and Miranda were asked to pose together. The site reports, "earlier in the day, Kerr and Gomez had been asked to pose together at the Louis Vuitton show and looked none too happy about it."
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Selena Gomez Unfollows Justin Bieber On Instagram
It looks like there might be some more tension in the near future now that Selena has unfollowed Justin on Instagram. That's not all! As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, Selena posted several tweets that hinted that there may be some trouble between her and the biebs.
On Oct. 1, she tweeted, "Sometimes we think we aren't good enough. But then I realize when I think I'm alone I have God." Then, just minutes later she added, "We have to learn the hard way sometimes."
Hopefully things are fine between the sweet couple!
What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think there was tension between Selena and Miranda? Let us know your thoughts below!
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