Justin Timberlake refutes nightclub owner's claims

04 Oct 2014 03:21

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On Friday Miind Nightclub owner Kunal Singh claimed that he was forced to bar Justin Timberlake from entering his own 20/20 Experience Tour after party at the venue due to the Sydney's strict lock-out laws.
But the 33-year-old singer, currently on the Australian leg of his world tour, took to Twitter later in the day to refute the claims.
'All this hoopla and I wasn't even there…I hope somebody had fun,' he Tweeted after his official DJ, Steve 'Freestyle Steve' Johnson, let out a passionate stream of Facebook posts directed at Mr. Singh.
According to the Oxford Street venue owner, DJ Freestyle Steve was playing his advertised set at the Miind Nightclub when Justin and his entourage were barred from entering as they arrived after the CBD's lockout time of 1:30AM.
'They got the s because we couldn't let everyone in. It was pretty crazy, and all because of lockouts,' he said to MX.
However, the DJ took to Facebook to hit back at the claims.
'It's amazing how people lie just to make themselves look good,' he wrote before adding 'for the record that was not a Justin party…he was NEVER the special guest.'
Mr. Singh responded 'not sure why you'd write that, what I told the reporter was everything I was told at the door by his and your managers.'
The Suit & Tie singer cheered his friend and DJ on, Tweeting 'Get 'em Steve!'
A representative from ShowcasePR, the agency that booked DJ Steve for the venue, told Daily Mail Australia that 'Justin was back at the hotel the whole time.'
He explained that venues, after booking Freestyle Steve, can promote a show as 'the 20/20 Experience after party with DJ Steve,' but that Justin's likeness is never to be used.
' Justin very rarely goes out, and if he was to go out it would be organised at least 24 hours in advance,' the representative said.
The megapopular singer and actor has two Australian dates left - in Perth next Wednesday and Thursday, before he jets off to New Zealand, the United States and Canada.


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