Photos: Katy Perry roars into Salt Lake City on her Prismatic World Tour

04 Oct 2014 03:19

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Whether you were there because of your love of Katy Perry or you were the one who ended up driving the kids to the concert, the pop star's production didn't disappoint Monday at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City.
The show featured pyrotechnics, rainbow-colored lights dancing across the arena, acrobats hanging from a pyramid above the floor and a stage that moved vertically and horizontally in different spots.

Perry didn't take the stage until 9:03 p.m., but she put together a mix of her classics and new tunes for a show that lasted just more than two hours.
Opening song " "Roar." The crowd erupted when Perry came onto stage, and she set the tone for the night with the opener that featured plenty of dancing, lights and energy.
Highlight " One of the loudest roars of the evening came during her performance of "I Kissed A Girl." The two guitarists being pulled about 30 feet above the stage with fireworks shooting out of their guitars seemed like the perfect complement to the song.
Crowd favorite " Perry mentioned a few times that this was not her first time performing in Salt Lake City, at one point saying, "Well it's nice to see you again, too." She pointed out she had blue hair during her last visit and hoped she didn't disappoint that she didn't have blue hair this time. She then took off a hood to reveal rainbow-colored hair, which drew plenty of applause.
Best quote " "I know it's locked. What's your password?" Perry kneeled down to take a selfie with a fan, but the fan's phone was locked. The fan told Perry the password, to which she responded, "You might want to change that now."
Encore " The first encore was "Birthday," which saw Perry floating over the crowd on a swing and ending with a torrent of confetti in the shape of stars, musical notes and hearts. She ended the show with "Firework," and there were plenty of them on stage as she wrapped up.
Low note " Perry admitted to feeling under the weather for the last few days, but it was hard to tell from her energy level. At one point she even admitted, "A lot of snot has been rolling out of these nostrils."


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