Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour Ends, YMCMB Hints at Tour Next Year Following New Albums 'Views From The 6,' 'Tha Carter V'

03 Oct 2014 18:38

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Lil Wayne and Drake (Photo : Kevin Winter/Getty Images) The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour just came to an end and the YMCMB rappers are already hinting at another tour next year following the releases of their new albums Views From The 6 and Tha Carter V.
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"We're tied up tonight. I know there has to be a winner or they want to see a winner, but I've got an idea," Drake said, per . "I feel like, you put out this Carter V, I put out this Views From The 6, we do this tour again next year and we start that bitch in Houston."
Back in August, Drake released a snippet of the album's title track featuring E Batt. Upon its release, there was much speculation on whether the Toronto rapper was referring to his relationship with Rihanna in the song's opening.
"What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks?/ Now we're back in California, we don't even speak, that's a no-no/ Everyone says we look good on paper, you deserve that action/Plus you get more paper than I do, that shit attractive/ Things that make me miss you, where Jen and Melissa?"
No official word on when to expect the album except Drake's mention of some sort of release on " 0 to 100/The Catch Up," where he raps, "We already got spring 2015 poppin'/PND droppin', Reps-up P droppin'/Majid Jordan droppin', OB droppin', not to mention me droppin'."
On the other hand, Wayne is slated to release Tha Carter V on October 28.
During a recent interview with he didn't offer up many details as far as what to expect. TDE rhymer Kendrick Lamar hinted that her may be featured on the album while chatting with Power 106 in Los Angeles.
Do you think Drake and Lil Wayne should hit the road together again? Let us know what you think in the comment section.
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