Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem 'snubbed' by film executives over Gaza support

08 Sep 2014 18:20

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After showing their support for struggling Palestinians in Gaza, the words of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have been met with praise and disapproval online, though Hollywood producers aren't going to let the Spanish acting couple get off scot-free with their remarks. As of Saturday, multiple executives in the film industry have vowed to "snub" Cruz and Bardem, some have even pledged to never work with either of them again.
Ryan Kavanaugh of Relativity Media, whose grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust, is the only producer who has been public with his plans to shun Cruz and Bardem. The Spanish actors penned an open letter late last month, signed by another 100 Spaniards in the film industry, denouncing the Israeli airstrikes and invasion as "genocide." Other film executives have flat-out refused to hire either of them again while others claim their remarks will be calculated into whether or not they'll do business with them in the future.
Bardem and Cruz are both from Spain. While Spain and Israel have had healthy trade relations for nearly 30 years, the current conflict in Gaza has prompted the Spanish government to take a step back. Last week, in light of the conflict, the Spanish government " provisionally suspended " an arms deal they have with Israel; meaning they will temporarily stop exporting military equipment such as missile components and all-terrain vehicles to Israel.
Bardem and Cruz are not the only celebrities publically supporting Palestinians. One Direction's Zayn Malik and actor Mark Ruffalo have taken to Twitter to show their support while stars such as Selena Gomez, Dwight Howard and Rihanna made pro-Palestinian tweets but deleted them soon after.
While there has been plenty of Gaza support from A-listers, there has been an equal amount of celebrity support for Israel. As the open letter from Bardem and Cruz denounced Israel, Jon Voight denounced Bardem and Cruz's actions as anti-Semitic, encouraging the Spaniards to "hang their heads in shame." Other stars that have publicly voiced their support for Israel include Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Simon Cowell and more.


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