Justin Bieber covers Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire' - watch

27 Aug 2014 09:22

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Bieber plays guitar and sings on video uploaded to Instagram
Justin Bieber has revealed a video in which he covers Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire'.
The pop star posted the video on Instagram which shows him playing guitar and singing the 1969 song alongside his friend Khalil.
The video was posted alongside a message which reads: "We wake up singin good ol johny cash @khalil came with with the crazy tone lol."
The video arrives as Bieber works on new music following the end of his trial for careless driving earlier this month. The singer donated £30,000 to charity and agreed to take anger management classes after pleading guilty to the charges which dated back to an incident earlier this year where Bieber was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.


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