'Fast and Furious 7' Cast Update: Paul Walker Autopsy Alive After Crash; Michelle Rodriguez Nude on Instagram [VIDEO PHOTOS]

14 Aug 2014 18:15

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By the looks of things, Michelle Rodriguez certainly is enjoying her free time since wrapping Fast and Furious 7. The Resident Evil action star returned to work on the film in April, along with all the other cast members, save for the recently deceased Paul Walker, whose autopsy update revealed was still alive immediately following the tragic car crash. But now, director James Wan has finished the filming and, once again, Michelle is free to pursue other free-spirited endeavors like dating Neighbors shirtless hunk, Zac Efron or skinny dipping completely nude on Instagram. Her ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne is said to be pretty busy when not posting half-naked selfies for Twitter as well these days . According to the latest internet gossip news reports, the supermodel is all set to star as the next uber-hot James Bond girl. God help Daniel Craig.
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By all accounts, filming Fast and Furious 7 without the calming presence of their fallen friend and comrade, Paul Walker, was unbelievably emotionally taxing for the cast and crew that had known and worked with Walker over the past decade and a half.
Michelle Rodriguez commemorated the end of the life-altering production by posting a Facebook pic with Vin Dieselsending out one last shout-out of love to their dear old friend:
"15 years later Ride or Die through thick and thin we finally finished the hardest emotional roller coaster, #FF7. Hope to make you proud P, love you.
with Vin Diesel."
Now that the terrible experience is behind her, it seems that Michelle is more than ready to blow off a little steam.
After all the bikini clad PDA with Zac Efron in Italy over the past few weeks, one might wonder just how Michelle Rodriguez could up the partying ante.
She answered that question by posting a very revealing video of the 100 percent bare bottomed star wading into some dirty Irish lake for some sort of old school hangover miracle cure:
"Irish Wedding hangover cure tradition, I believe you're supposed to dive in but I'm shin deep in a mud…"
Michelle's ex, Cara Delevingne, is said to be all business these days, or at least as career-oriented as a supermodel that seemingly has the world by the balls can be.
An insider who spoke with the claimed that Delevingne wants to be the next Bond girl almost as much as the James Bond franchise would like to have her:
"Obviously she's striking, she's well known and she's establishing herself as a talented actress.
"Cara hinted she would love to be involved, [though] the makers of Bond had already started considering her as somebody they would be interested in.
"There would be a real buzz about getting her involved and the signs are all good-­everybody is excited."
Hopefully the film will be called, The Girl with the Gold Octopussy Galore… or something classy like that.


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