Megan Fox Got Into A Verbal Run-In Altercation On The Set Of TMNT - And She Still Can't Let It Go!

04 Jul 2014 01:20

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Nothing grinds a New Yorker's gears more than being held up in tourist traffic as they make their way to work!
Even if it's Megan Fox who was partially responsible for the hold-up!
When the brunette beauty was on-set filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the middle of Times Square, Megan said she was yelled at for "hindering their commute" and she had the best response to their attitude!
She recalled that specific event and said:

"It's like, we're working, too.
We're making a movie right now. You're in it. Go see yourself in August. You're a pleasure."

That person may have been late to work that day they were filming, but at least they got something cool out of it, right?
How many people can say they appeared in a Michael Bay film by accident because they were just traveling to work??
Not many, that's for sure!
[ Image via Cousart/JFXimages/WENN.]
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