Watch Zac Efron Dance To 'Turn Down For What'

04 Jul 2014 01:20

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Zac Efron seems to be having the best vacation ever.
The actor has been in Italy with entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, actress Michelle Rodriguez and choreographer Youssef Giga. In addition to reported boating excursions and hanging out on the beaches nearby, Efron has been perfecting his dance moves.
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On Tuesday, Vacchi posted a very coordinated video of him, Giga and Efron doing a dance to "Turn Down for What" with Rodriguez yelling "action" before the new buds break out their sweet moves.
This video comes a few days after the trio posted another coordinated video to Jason Derulo's "Wiggle."
It's very impressive! Looks like Efron is having a blast!


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