Topless Zac Efron Puts His Physique On Display To Make Skateboards

27 Jun 2014 00:52

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By Nola Ojomu
Zac Efron has proved on numerous occasions that he isn't one to shy away from showcasing his sculpted physique.
And it seems the actor is using his toned chest to help a good cause as the topless hunk features in a new video by a skateboard company, Lekker Skateboards.
The 26-year-old actor can be seen working alongside friends as they made skateboards from scratch in the short video.
The actor is seen working the various word craft machinery used to make the company's unique brand of skateboards.
While the actor does not speak in the short video, he often gestures at the camera as he is seen pretending to play the wood like a guitar at one point in the clip.
However, fans of the Bad Neighbors star will no doubt be far more interested in the actor's choice to make the boards without his shirt on.
Zac previously teased to the session on Twitter last week with a picture from the afternoon.
He captioned the snap: 'My friend taught me how to make skateboards. Stay tuned to find out how you can win one & help an incredible charity'.
The Hollywood heartthrob has good reason to be proud of his toned figure, recently putting it on display at the MTV Movie Awards in April.
Rita Ora literally ripped Zac's shirt off as he collected the award for Best Shirtless Performance in his film That Awkward Moment.
The actor also revealed he would be happy to strip off again and star in the Magic Mike sequel, which his actor friend Channing Tatum is currently filming.
He said: 'I loved the movie, I thought it was really funny. I haven't talked to anybody about it yet but it's a great group of people - I would definitely be interested.'


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