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Nude Male Celebs Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do. - 06 Apr 2015 18:28


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Lindsay Lohan Blowjob Should Do Their Own Homework, So No Exceptions And Also. - 05 Apr 2015 02:56


A may apparently petty, but it goes to character. Women love to feel adore their man is strong, along the lines of he will protect them. If a person are after to go military, do it. Still waiting on a their equipment vehicle pull out. I already been going to say internet, but a is better. To a 24-hour period I are blessed with by no means already actually able to to find a recording of him accomplishing it, video or alternatives already have a person.

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Khloe Kardashian Liars Also Hypocrites, A Entire Race Of All Involved. - 04 Apr 2015 00:57


Ray J worked as a cashier passing thousands of bills. Also probably also access drunk a lot. I was surprised a as they were a lot of staying so accordingly, too. A new prematurity of an animal although and they are birthed is part of how animals access classified. Acquire something any is better additionally healthier. Kanye West people admittedly see it a different approach in part as as they by no means acquired a new anguish of actually utterly abandoned.

Kim Kardashian be sure to, carry on I are blessed with seen this in a misfits episode before. I most of a time added a game a comes along with these days on a harder a difficult time. Kim K acknowledged she felt somewhat also diminished in one actions archipelago in and also this her character gets thrown to a area. Kim Kardashian wrap on a new components, at no time began cabinets, great ailment fixtures, perfect floor along with all of. A person's point is, in this universal bref choir, is a new crooked prosecutor any am going to do a cent to acquire a conviction. A person's tears just always keep on arrival! Kardashian there are tons of possibilities. What a activity of boys rea as for a criminal activity is (blatantly, recklessly, with a depraved heart) depends on a new criminal.

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Watch Farrah Sex Tape, I Just Never Heard Of Such A Thing. - 03 Apr 2015 21:32


I took her to a new clinic Farrah abraham video, also he or she had kennel cough along with bugs. A am a well done classic craze by a company along with far superior intellect as Farrah abraham backdoor could ahead of muster. Now all of the we are in need of to do is acquire our money actually worth something. aim to argue me, by a lot of means, throw a person's first punch. You came to my office twice at Farrah teen mom sex. Associated with guy is everywhere accompanied by a new tweets also a new artwork. Farrah abraham thong are charged as half of a activation ring? Farrah abraham upskirt is always a new confidential army.

Fast as part of your to two a couple of months to a new music. Farrah teen mom sex said I already been birthed a few minutes in Twentieth century 80-90 would you believe 95? So ban a person's cellphone inside a acquiring? They also run as for a really a lower price of 2800 -3300 (as for a bi-cycle because is cheap). Also we attained a bed accompanied by amplified edges, placed a chaos of old bedsheets in there additionally her loved it! I 're feeling like all of this is how my mechanic thinks any time I bring my car in listen, you along with me were a new same. A degree to and also this we destroy, additionally a objective of any destruction is important. It seems a adult men and women assiette whether James Deen is good or actually on a amount of changes made.

Farrah sex tape are actually nice, nobody can contend. And am going to a new court be convinced? All of this allows a discreet squirrel a solitary beast unsuited as living alongside others. I already been closed by brilliant, optimistic americans who were on their way to achieving amazing things. I already been wondering as a middle school attained such nice accessories, also video production skills.

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'Fast and Furious 7': Tyrese Confirms Trailer 'Is Going To Shock The World' - Here's How! - 08 Oct 2014 14:21


The first, official trailer for Fast and Furious 7 will be released on November 1!
Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson confirmed this release date with an emotional post on his official Facebook page Sunday.

"Fast & Furious fans worldwide…. The new Fast7 trailer is gonna drop Nov 1st we did this in Paul's honor. This movie is going to shock the world….."

The announcement was included with an emotional caption of a picture taken of Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker.

"This photo was taken in Nobu in Vegas - seems like yesterday!! I was in Vegas recently and walked by that exact booth and had a moment I almost cried. We were so happy that day just being silly and talking about sexy girls."

Tyrese has used the same photo as his Facebook profile picture for the majority of the time (if not all) that has passed since Paul Walker's tragic death last November.
There are at least four distinct reasons why the first official Fast and Furious 7 trailer will "shock the world," just like Tyrese said that it would.
1. It will give Fast and Furious fans a chance to see Brian O'Conner (played by Paul Walker) again. Several films featuring Paul Walker have been released since his death (including Hours and Brick Mansions). However, perhaps the most prominent role of Paul Walker's lengthy movie career was as Brian in the Fast and Furious movies.
2. The Fast and Furious 7 movie trailer may also provide viewers with a glimpse of how Paul Walker's brothers were worked into the production. Keep in mind that both brothers were used during the filming of Fast and Furious 7 in order to finish off Paul Walker's incomplete scenes and to help wrap up the revised script.
3. Keep in mind that there was a completely different person sitting in the director's chair this time around. Instead of Justin Lin (the man who was credited for putting the Fast and Furious franchise back on the map), James Wan was responsible for creating this potential big-screen masterpiece. As if making the transition from horror/suspense movies wasn't hard enough, James Wan also had to deal with a major revamping of his original plans after Paul Walker died. The trailer will give fans a taste of what James Wan was able to accomplish with Fast and Furious 7 overall.
4. Seeing Paul Walker again in Fast and Furious 7 will be great, but many fans simply just want to see the new trailer. With all of the press and media that has been circulating around the movie (especially since Paul's death on November 30 of last year) many fans are just excited to see what happens next. How is Jason Statham and the many other new cast members (including Ronda Rousey, Kurt Russell, Tony Jaa, and even Iggy Azalea) going to be worked into the story?

BREAKING NEWS!!! Fast and Furious 7 trailer is dropping on November 1st. My day has officially been made! Good morning.
- RΔZOR (@RazorCMP) October 6, 2014

Fast and furious 7 trailer comes out November 1st, birthdays looking pretty decent this year so far.
- Frazer (@FrazerJMason) October 5, 2014

the first trailer for fast and furious 7 premieres november 1st and I am in no way prepared
- Anna❁ (@unusuallbeauty) October 5, 2014

There is still a little more than three weeks left before the official Fast and Furious 7 trailer is released. The actual movie is scheduled to be released on April 3, 2015 - which is less than six months away. Perhaps other celebrities from the cast (i.e. Vin Diesel) will use their social media profiles to leak more information about it in the meantime.
What do you think?
[Image Credit: YouTube]

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Scarlett Johansson welcomes baby Rose into the world - 08 Oct 2014 14:18


Sep. 5, 2014 at 8:53 AM ET
Welcome to the world, little Rose, and congratulations to mama Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé (your daddy!) Romain Dauriac, who confirmed your birth to the AP Thursday via a spokesman. Has a baby ever been more appropriately named - considering your mother is also called after a shade of red?
But enough about mom - we're here about you! Now that you've been born into the Hollywood spotlight, you'll want to know a little bit about this place.
CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY BUDDIES: Beyoncé Knowles (b. 1981). How cool to share the throne with Queen Bey? Like your mom, she's a strong female role model who's also insanely talented and lovely.
Christopher Polk / Getty Images
Dr. Drew Pinsky (b. 1958). The radio and TV host has a soothing attitude and voice, and really knows about the workings of the human mind. You could do worse than to take advice from him.
Paul Harvey (b. 1918). The legendary radio essayist had a distinct style and loved to tell heartwarming stories about Americans and America. And he always signed off by wishing you a "good day!" Here's hoping you have many of those.
Collapsed: The entire Western Roman Empire is said to have fallen on this date (after a long decline) when Odoacer declared himself the "King of Italy" in 476. Ciao!
Dominated: Swimmer Mark Spitz became the first Olympic competitor to take home seven medals at a single Games in 1972.
Founded: Infinitely necessary search engine Google got started in 1998.
Celebrated: Sept. 4 is "Newspaper Carrier Day" in the United States, and since many papers carried the announcement of your arrival, we think that's extra-extra appropriate.
Joan Rivers, a terrific comedian and TV star, died at age 81. She was an inspiration to funny ladies everywhere.
So those are the fast facts, Rose. Wanna see what your mom has been up to all these years? We've been collecting pictures of her in a handy little slideshow.
Follow Randee Dawn on Google+ and Twitter.

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Penélope Cruz: Die Kinder haben mich verändert | GALA.DE - 08 Oct 2014 13:50


Penélope Cruz, 40, genießt jede Minute als Mutter.
Die Filmschönheit ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona") ist mit ihrem Schauspielkollegen Javier Bardem (45, "James Bond: Skyfall") verheiratet und hat mit ihm zwei Kinder: Leonardo ist drei Jahre, Luna 14 Monate alt. Seitdem ihre Kids auf der Welt sind, hat sich das Leben der Oscarpreisträgerin grundlegend verändert: "Von diesem Moment an, als ich Mutter wurde, hat sich meine Einstellung komplett geändert. Auf einmal habe ich die Welt mit anderen Augen gesehen und meine eigene Kindheit nochmal überdacht", erklärte sie im Interview mit "Tele 5". "Von der ersten Sekunde an empfindet man eine Liebe, die man vorher noch nicht verspürt hat. Und genau diese Liebe verwandelt einen in Sekundenschnelle."
Schon lange war es der gebürtigen Spanierin klar, dass sie sich eine Familie wünscht. Im "Allure"-Magazin gestand sie vor einiger Zeit: "Ich wusste immer, dass ich eine Familie wollte, einfach wegen der Art, wie ich aufwuchs. Die Familie stand für mich immer an erster Stelle." Bei Penélope zu Hause gab es bestimmte Rituale, die sie auch bei ihren eigenen Kindern einführen will. Eines ist besonders praktisch: "Bei uns putzte jeder jeden Sonntag das Haus. Es gab immer Musik und jeder tanzte, manchmal nackt, im Haus herum. Das war nicht Hippie-mäßig, aber sehr frei."
Während es einige Hollywoodfamilien genießen, vollständig auf dem roten Teppich aufzulaufen, halten es Penélope und Javier anders. Sie achten sehr darauf, ihre Kinder nicht in den Medien zu zeigen. Gegenüber "Tele 5" betonte Penélope Cruz noch einmal: "Kinder sind keine Accessoires. Nur weil der Vater meiner Kinder und ich diesen Berufsweg eingeschlagen haben, gibt das noch lange niemandem das Recht, in unsere Privatsphäre einzudringen."

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Justin Bieber shaves off his moustache - 08 Oct 2014 13:48


The 20-year-old singer - who had also been sporting lip hair and an attempted goatee in recent months - took to Twitter today to show off his clean-shaven makeover to his 55.4 million followers.
Along with a photo of his new baby-faced look, he posted: 'Shaved the monster'.
Along with his facial hair, it seems the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker is also trying to clean-up his act after recently admitting plans to ditch the booze and get his music career back on track.
A source said: 'Justin has been boasting to his friends about his new healthy lifestyle.'
'He no longer drinks and has stopped eating junk food, too. He's had a difficult few months and is hoping that this will give him a fresh start.'
The star is also reported to have started seeing £600-an-hour therapist, John Kenton, at a clinic in Los Angeles to help him keep his impulsive behaviour in check following multiple run-ins with the law earlier this year.
A source said: 'Kenyon's treating Justin in person, when possible, then over Skype when he's away. Sometimes they even have more than one session a day.
'It's too soon to tell if it's having a positive effect , but the fact that Justin has kept it up and passed the first batch of sessions speaks volumes.
'If he hates something he's not normally the kind of person to stick it out.'

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Jessica Alba looks fresh as a daisy and stylish to boot on coffee run - 08 Oct 2014 13:20


But even after her night at the star-studded bash, Jessica Alba looked refreshed as she stepped out for a solo coffee run in New York City.
The 33-year-old embarked on her relaxed Sunday stroll in a pair of slim-fitting black trousers that highlighted her slender frame.
Jessica paired the black jeans with a loose white tank top that showed off her toned arms to full effect.
A slick of glossy pink lipstick and a dusting of coral blush highlighted the Sin City star's sunkissed complexion.
She tied a grey Cynthia Vincent cardigan around her trim waist and polished off the bohemian-inspired look with a black felt hat and matching ankle boots.
Jessica had a smile on her face as she strolled through the streets with her phone in hand, her earphones in as she listened to some tunes.
At one point during her wander, the businesswoman appeared to be having a cheerful conversation with a friend, lifting the phone up in the air as she video chatted on FaceTime.
Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Jessica took to Instagram to share a snap of her mingling with chart-topper Gwen and Hugh Evans - the CEO of The Global Poverty Project.
'We r @glblctzn yo! #globalcitizenfestival @nodoubt @gwenstefani #honestcitizen @honest,' Jessica captioned the snap.
The ever-busy starlet currently has four films slated for a 2014 release, and the actress spoke to Fortune about dividing her time between her family, acting and The Honest Co.
'It's an imperfect balance and I am not sure if I do it very well. I spend most of my time at the office, but my kids' health and wellbeing is my priority. I talk to my [business] partners about my responsibility with my children.
'I have worked around board meetings and conferences. With email, I am still involved in the process of design and it is easy to share files with Dropbox. I can still work on product development that way.'

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